Intelligent Urban Mobility

February 2012

The Intelligent Urban Mobility initiative is a multiyear project in collaboration with UC San Diego, University of Southern California, UC Berkeley PATH, and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), with the goal of developing the technologies for the future connected urban vehicle.

In our increasingly busy world we see ourselves constantly multitasking in order to balance our schedules and social lives. If we are in motion, multitasking creates stress and distractions that can be dangerous or have a negative effect on our quality of life. Audi will leverage the always-connected technologies of the future urban environment to make urban mobility virtually stress-free.

For this reason, we develop technologies to make our vehicles aware of the driver’s preferences, needs, and personal schedules. Vehicles will connect to the cloud and understand the city, how it affects the driver’s mobility, and will provide assistance to the driver’s specific needs. One example of an application is a navigation system that will route the driver to an available parking spot while updating the route to a mobile device.